Analysis Report Example

The owner of this handwriting is remain anonymous, i post this by her approval.

Handwriting Analysis Report for H.A on 12/25/2010

Physical & Material Drives

H.A tends to have sufficient energy in reserve to call upon when necessary – as long as this energy reserve is not tapped too frequently. Her enjoyment of physical activity is about average. H.A is unable to hold onto her money. She is fairly generous.

Emotional Characteristics

When faced with emotional situations, H.A changes back and forth between keeping her feelings in and letting them out. Her feelings are typically moderate in intensity.H.A ‘s emotional attitude becomes increasingly optimistic, only to be tempered in the end by realism. She is naturally sensitive.

Intellectual Style

H.A’s thinking style is deliberate, cautious and precise. She tends to be both creative and methodical in her approach to problem-solving. H.A is more intuitive than she is logical. She tends to be cautious in her thinking and problem-solving approach. Her interests alternate between exercising her imagination and attending to details. She is fairly attentive to details.

Personality Traits

H.A has a sufficient amount of self-confidence and self-esteem. She has a good sense of self-identity within the environment. She takes pride in her appearance and performance. H.A is moderately patient. Her willpower is consistently adequate. H.A is flexible under most circumstances. She can exercise self-discipline when she needs to adapt to changing conditions. Her behavior is consistent. She is competent in many areas and able to turn with ease from one thing to another

Social Behavior

H.A doesn’t like crowds.H.A ‘s honest, open conversational style may inadvertently lead her to say more than she should. She is very concerned about communicating clearly. H.A may be offended by criticism of her personal appearance. She cares about what others think of her. She tends to be superficial and passive. She tends to be critical of others. She can take an active part in social activities without requiring the spotlight.

Vocational Implications

H.A may become frustrated when performing timed tasks. She is more concerned with accuracy than with speed in her work. She can work alone or as a member of a team. H.A is aware of space and time, has good taste and is aesthetically inclined. Her enjoyment of physical labor may be satisfied either through her work or in physical activities outside of her work.H.A is fairly enthusiastic. She is determined and follows through with projects until they are complete. H.A has alternating goal expectations, so confidence in her ability to reach her objectives may fluctuate.

Handwriting Analyst: Putro Perdana Prabowo





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