Criminal Minds

Like a finger print, handwriting is unique to its owner. From letter retrieved from the crime scene, kidnap or black-mail notes, threats or letters sent to the press boasting of killing, the graphologist is able to build a profile of the criminal and also distinguish between the hoax letters and the real one.

A Graphologist looks for insights into some of the following:
* Mood
* Motivation
* Aggression
* Intelligence
* Emotional Stability

A Graphologist will examine an individual’s handwriting for signs of some or all of the above and there may be other factors that interest them as well, depending on the reasoning behind their involvement in a particular investigation. it will suggest what the criminal’s personality is like, their social standing, their self-esteem, how they think, how they will act, etc.

These profiles have proven to be remarkably accurate, and already widely used in U.S (CIA,FBI, Federal Cop) for crime solving. Unfortunately in Indonesia, these method of investigations hardly ever used by our law enforcement.

*Byrd, Anita. Handwriting Analysis: A Guide to Personality. New York: Arco, 1982.


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