Graphology Trivia

Did you know?

  1. Although its a common knowledge that Graphology is a branch of study from Psychology, but history has found that Graphology is older than psychology itself.
  2. There are more than 2000 professional graphologists, scatter on all over Europe.
  3. 85% companies in Europe and more than 3000 corporation in America uses the handwriting analysis technique during the employment selection. It has been proved as the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient than any other personality test.
  4. In Indonesian bookstore, literature about graphology and handwriting analysis is categorized under the same section with occult, palmistry, and tarot.
  5. Half of professional Graphologist didn’t have psychology background.
  6. If a person writes exactly as they were taught in school, he/she will be very conservative.
  7. Changes in personality will show in the handwriting.
  8. Graphologist cannot predict your future. We’re not fortune teller :P
  9. Graphology is taught in psychology departments of several leading universities in Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland and Israel.
  10. Unlike any other psychological tests, graphology does not limited by culturally discriminating test questions. It is not even necessary that the person speak or write English or Indonesian.
  11. Like a fingerprint, no one could have the same exact handwriting.


* Siswanto, 2010. Menyingkap Kepribadian Lewat Tulisan Tangan. Jakarta: Libri.
*Marley J, 1976. Handwriting Analysis made easy. California: Wilshire book company.


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