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Traits in Handwriting

Some charts about traits in our handwriting.

In graphology, a combination of few traits could produce another new traits. These charts will help you during analysis process

(Click pictures to enlarge)


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Graphology in Criminal Law

The Italian scientist C. Lombroso thought that handwriting was an innate and invariable human function and that it allows one to distinguish the traits which characterize the “criminal type” (this concept became one of the bases of the anthropological school of criminal law). While rejecting these ideas about handwriting as an innate function of the human organism, contemporary criminologists study the process of the formation of handwriting, which has a specific and habitual character, and also investigate the various correlations between handwriting and the personality of the writer—such as the difference between the handwriting of men and women and between that of children and old people, as well as the professional peculiarities of many elements of the written discourse of the writer.

*Branston, Barry (1991) weiserbooks. Boston. Graphology Explained.

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Criminal Minds

Like a finger print, handwriting is unique to its owner. From letter retrieved from the crime scene, kidnap or black-mail notes, threats or letters sent to the press boasting of killing, the graphologist is able to build a profile of the criminal and also distinguish between the hoax letters and the real one.

A Graphologist looks for insights into some of the following:
* Mood
* Motivation
* Aggression
* Intelligence
* Emotional Stability

A Graphologist will examine an individual’s handwriting for signs of some or all of the above and there may be other factors that interest them as well, depending on the reasoning behind their involvement in a particular investigation. it will suggest what the criminal’s personality is like, their social standing, their self-esteem, how they think, how they will act, etc.

These profiles have proven to be remarkably accurate, and already widely used in U.S (CIA,FBI, Federal Cop) for crime solving. Unfortunately in Indonesia, these method of investigations hardly ever used by our law enforcement.

*Byrd, Anita. Handwriting Analysis: A Guide to Personality. New York: Arco, 1982.

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Graphology Trivia

Did you know?

  1. Although its a common knowledge that Graphology is a branch of study from Psychology, but history has found that Graphology is older than psychology itself.
  2. There are more than 2000 professional graphologists, scatter on all over Europe.
  3. 85% companies in Europe and more than 3000 corporation in America uses the handwriting analysis technique during the employment selection. It has been proved as the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient than any other personality test.
  4. In Indonesian bookstore, literature about graphology and handwriting analysis is categorized under the same section with occult, palmistry, and tarot.
  5. Half of professional Graphologist didn’t have psychology background.
  6. If a person writes exactly as they were taught in school, he/she will be very conservative.
  7. Changes in personality will show in the handwriting.
  8. Graphologist cannot predict your future. We’re not fortune teller :P
  9. Graphology is taught in psychology departments of several leading universities in Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland and Israel.
  10. Unlike any other psychological tests, graphology does not limited by culturally discriminating test questions. It is not even necessary that the person speak or write English or Indonesian.
  11. Like a fingerprint, no one could have the same exact handwriting.


* Siswanto, 2010. Menyingkap Kepribadian Lewat Tulisan Tangan. Jakarta: Libri.
*Marley J, 1976. Handwriting Analysis made easy. California: Wilshire book company.

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Graphology Alphabets

taken from: The Graphologist’s Alphabet by Eric Singer, illustrated by Gertrude Elias.

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